National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

Participating USGS Repositories

GCMS States 1GCMS States 2While developing the GCMS, The Geologic Materials Repository Working Group identified and worked with several repositories throughout the USGS that preserve and manage geological sample collections. These repositories provided insight into how facilities manage and care for sample collections, and aided in the development of some of the procedures and principles recommended by the GCMS.

The following repositories are designated facilities maintained by the USGS that store USGS scientific collections. This is not a complete listing of all the repositories caring for USGS scientific collections, and as repositories incorporate the principles and guidance found within the GCMS, this list will grow.  If you would like to add a USGS repository to the following list, please email:

Core Research Center
Denver, Colorado

Cores, cuttings, thin sections, geochemistry collections, field samples, paleontology

Geologic Materials Center
(co-op storage facility)
Anchorage, Alaska

USGS field samples, Alaska Volcano Observatory tephra collections

Astrogeology Center
Flagstaff, Arizona

Meteor Crater collection

Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Samples Repository

Marine core and sediment collections

Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center Samples Repository

Marine core and sediment collections