National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

Activities NGGDPP does not fund

NGGDPP does not fund the following activities:

1) General software licenses, database software systems, or equipment that would be required for general IT infrastructure and operation, regardless of the proposed NGGDPP-related work.

2) Excessive supervisory hours without justification.

3) Scanning national aerial imagery
USGS is utilizing three shifts a day, five days a week to scan aerial photography. Approximately 10,000 frames a week are being scanned and made available for free downloads. Even at that rate, the USGS still has several years ahead before the entire aerial archive is digital. Please visit to view available imagery. Scanned imagery is free for download and viewing. In Earth Explorer, $30 is charged for non-scanned frames. If someone wants some frames and they are not scanned yet, for $30/frame they can essentially jump the queue. Once they are scanned, all frames are free. For more information, please contact John Faundeen (

4) Travel to meetings and other activities not directly related to data preservation activities. Travel to sites to rescue, transport and handle materials may be acceptable for funding.


This is a working list and additional items will be added.