National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

NGGDPP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is scanning of aerial photos an activity eligible for NGGDPP funding?

Proposed grants for scanning aerial photos have received funding in the past.

Currently, my organization does not have a data preservation program. Does a data preservation program need to exist by the time the proposal is submitted? Are example data preservation plans available to help guide development of a plan for our organization?

To submit a proposal, your organization does not need to have a formal data preservation plan in place. However, the NGGDPP encourages all state state geological surveys to develop a long range data preservation plan to ensure collections are properly and efficiently managed and preserved. A template for a Long-Range Data-Preservation Plan is available HERE to assist you in developing a plan for your organization.

My organization would like to propose to prepare a map interface to present a specific collection to our users. Would the NGGDPP consider funding the back end (creating the map interface) as well as funding link connectivity to our thin section images?

Yes. Recently, the NGGDPP sought clarification and determined that legislative authority for the Program allows for financial assistance and support of database developmment, customization and interface development for distributing and enhancing access to geoscientific resources.

Who can apply for this Program Announcement? We are a sister agency to a state geological survey. Can we apply?

Only State geological surveys are eligible to apply to this Program Announcement pursuant to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 105-58, Sec. 351). Since many State geological surveys are organized under a state university system, such universities may submit an application on behalf of that State geological survey. If you have shared interests, you should coordinate with the state geological organization to conduct the work – but, only the state geological organization may apply for NGGDPP grants.

In the proposal, how should I present the different salary and fringe rates for the 2 consecutive fiscal years spanning the project duration? I've entered information into the budget sheet as two different rates. Is this appropriate to reflect the salaries and fringe benefits?

Entering the information into the budget sheet as two different rates is acceptable. Indicate the fiscal year associated with each salary and fringe rate used.

Are the CVs, budget pages, table of contents, Attachment A summary included in the Grant Proposal 8-page limit? 

No, these pages do not count against the 8-page limit.