National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

FY 2011 State Geological Survey Grants

State Abbrev. Institution Title Funding Amount Final Technical Report
AL Geological Survey of Alabama Continuation of Metadata Development for Geological Collections at the Geological Survey of Alabama $27,235.00 FY11 Alabama Final Technical Report
AZ Arizona Geological Survey Preservation, Inventory, and Catalog of the Files of the AZ Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources $41,529.00 FY11 Arizona Final Technical Report
CA CA Dept. of Conservation Metadata Dreation for the Historic Mine Map Collection - California Geological Survey Library $18,476.00 FY11 California Final Technical Report
FL Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection/Florida Geological Survey Geophysical Log Preservation $40,212.00 FY11 Florida Final Technical Report
IA IA Dept. of Natural Resources Digital Infrastructure and Metadata for Geologic Collections, NC Iowa Focus $17,180.00 FY11 Iowa Final Technical Report
ID University of Idaho Data Preservation 5 $21,989.00 FY11 Idaho Final Technical Report
IL University of Illinois Preservation of Geologic Data and Collections in Illinois: Compilation, Documentation, and Planning FY11 $32,192.00 FY11 Illinois Final Technical Report
IN The Trustees of Indiana University Indiana Data Preservation Program 2011 $25,450.00 FY11 Indiana Final Technical Report
KY University of Kentucky National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation for Kentucky 2011 $45,592.00 FY11 Kentucky Final Technical Report
LA Louisiana State University and A&M College Inventory and Digital Infrastructure of Historic Louisiana Geological Map Data $27,775.00 FY11 Louisiana Final Technical Report
MD Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources Metadata Creation for the Maryland Geological Survey's Collection of 1937-1938 and 1952-1953 Aerial Photographs $24,120.00 FY11 Maryland Final Technical Report
ME Maine Geological Survey Improving Access to Mineral Resource Data $17,569.00 FY11 Maine Final Technical Report
MO Missouri Dept of Natural Resources Inventory Two Collections (Microfilm and Field Notebooks) and Generate Metadata and Digital Scans for Ten Field Notebooks $5,000.00 FY11 Missouri Final Technical Report
MT Montana Tech of the University of Montana 2011 National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program $35,840.00 FY11 Montana Final Technical Report
NH New Hampshire Geological Survey New Hampshire Geological Data Preservation $32,559.00 FY11 New Hampshire Final Technical Report
OH Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources Inventory and Metadata Development for the Ohio Division of Geological Survey's Chesapeake Energy Corproation Well Cutting and Core Collection - an Exceptional Record of Ohio's Oil and Gas Industry Dating from the 1940's $36,136.00 FY11 Ohio Final Technical Report
OK University of Oklahoma Preparation of Metadata for the Mud Log Collection at the Oklahoma Geological Survey $14,939.00 FY11 Oklahoma Final Technical Report
TN Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation Generating Metadata for Part of the TN Division of Geology's Coal Mining Collections and Digitizing Paper Records for Part of the Coal Mining and Zinc Mining Collections $21,697.00 FY11 Tennessee Final Technical Report
UT Utah Geological Survey UGS FY2011 Geologic Data Preservation Project $44,988.00 FY11 Utah Final Technical Report
VA VA Dept of Mines, Minerals, and Energy Virginia Geologic Information Catalog $33,535.00 FY11 Virginia Final Technical Report
WA State of Washington Dept. of Natural Resources Washington's Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation and Development of Digital Data Infrastructure for Metal Mining Data $25,466.00 FY11 Washington Final Technical Report
WI University of Wisconsin Adding to the Online Collection Inventory, creating metadata for the National Digital Catalog and creating a digital Infrastructure for an Important Data Collection: The WGNHS Township and Range File $28,912.00 FY11 Wisconsin Final Technical Report
    Total $618,391.00