National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

Data Provider Dashboard Instructions

The Data Provider Dashboard enables data providers to upload metadata records to the National Digital Catalog (NDC). Data Providers include state geological organizations that have successfully competed for federal grants administered by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP). Upon completion of proposed tasks, including physical collection inventory, rescuing geoscientific samples and data, and generating metadata describing physical samples, geological organizations may upload their metadata files using the Dashboard. Once the file is uploaded, metadata records are extracted and individually created in the NDC. The data provider is notified upon completion of file processing and creation of metadata records in the NDC.

Access Data Provider Dashboard

Instructions for providing metadata records to the National Digital Catalog using the Data Provider Dashboard 

First, prepare metadata – Learn how

New Users

1. Visit Data Provider Dashboard at

2. Request access to Dashboard by clicking Request access button. Access instructions will be e-mailed to the user within 24 to 48 hours. If no instructions are received, please e-mail

3. Use Log in link located in top right corner of web page window to access the Dashboard. Please e-mail to resolve log in issues.

4. Prior to using the Dashboard, new users must select their state affiliation. To do this, log in → in top banner, select More  User-State Affiliation, type State name and select State geological organization from drop down menu. You will not have to do this again.

5. User may now add and edit Collections. In the future, user may visit the Dashboard, log in, and access collections.

Add New Collection

Log in. Add new collection by selecting Collections  New. In new collection page, provide values for all fields and click Create button at bottom of screen. At the bottom of the screen, a message will inform the user that the collection has been created. 

Edit, View, Upload Files to Collection 

Log in. In top banner, select Collections Edit. A page will show registered State collections with number of samples described for each collection. Select Collection title to view its description. For each collection, user may:

Edit collection description – further inventory and metadata development may result in availability of more accurate information about a collection. This information may be updated in NDC.

View samples and their descriptions within a collection. Select sample title to view its description.

Upload new CSV or XML file. Once you upload the file, indicate if the file is New and new records will be added to the collection. If other records already exist in the collection, the new records will be added to the collection and previous records will be retained. Select Update if the incoming records in the uploaded file should replace the previous collection records. For an Update operation, all previous records will be deleted and replaced by records provided in the uploaded file. After selecting New or Upload, click Upload to process the file. You will receive an e-mail informing you about task completion. You may visit the Dashboard to view the new records. 

Access CSV and XML file generation guidance

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